Holy Week Wednesday

Greetings, church family and friends!
It is Wednesday of Holy Week.  Unlike what I had planned for this morning, I am out of town, sitting in a fast food place working on my laptop.  My mother-in-law has been released from rehab and I am needed to to help bring her home and get set up.  What an interruption to a crazy busy week!   This was not what I had planned. As one pundit quipped:  If you want to see the Lord laugh, tell Him your plans!
Perhaps handling interruptions are important in our Holy Week journey.  I remember the words of one of my seminary professors who told a class of young aspiring pastors:  Never get upset about interruptions to your agenda because the interruptions just might be God’s agenda.   Perhaps…..
What about Jonah whose whole life was interrupted by the crazy commandment to go warn his hated enemy, the Ninevites?
And then again, wasn’t Jesus constantly interrupted?  Wasn’t the entire gospel the story of God interrupting our agenda of sinfulness, offering us a better way?   The birth of Jesus certainly wasn’t what was planned and expected.  In fact, it completely interrupted the life of a young girl and her fiance. The peaceful, silent night was interrupted when angels loudly announce the coming birth of the Messiah. Nor does it stop there.
One day Jesus was preaching a very powerful sermon when he is interrupted by a man possessed by a demon. And yet, the good news is that eventually, as the evil spirit is cast out of the man, it is the power of Satan that is interrupted.
Jesus, it has been said, ruined every funeral He ever attended.  He brought miraculous life into the realm of death.
Even Jesus’ celebration of the Passover Seder is interrupted when a person he considers a friend betrays Him for money.  Then, Jesus’ plans for prayer in the garden are interrupted by his arrest. 
In the end, even the sorrow and sadness of Jesus’ death and burial are frantically interrupted by the amazing, incredible news that He is risen! 
My friends, this is a terribly busy week for all of us.  How will you handle the interruptions that come your way?  Could it possibly be that interruptions are God’s way of injecting a better agenda into our broken lives?  May your Holy Week be filled with annoying, blessed interruptions.
In Christ,
Kevin Boyd
“For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”   – Jeremiah 29:11

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