Holy Week Thursday

Greetings, friends of Saint Paul!
Today we truly get into the heart of Holy Week.  It is a maze of busyness around the church.  It is so busy that I think we can fail to remember what the day is all about.  In fact, in his wonderful book, In The Eye Of The Storm, author Max Lucado calls this day “the second most stressful day in the life of our Savior.”  Before the morning becomes evening Jesus has reason to weep, then run, then shout, the curse, then praise, then doubt.  Think about the story:
– Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples before His death.That took a lot of work!
– He washed the feet of his disciple, showing an amazing example of servanthood.
– He was betrayed by one of His trusted disciples, Judas.
– After the dinner, he stayed up late to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane.
– That same garden became his place of arrest and captivity.
There is so very much to the story that it makes our heads swim.  However, what strikes me this morning is that, despite being so incredibly busy, Jesus took time to be a servant for you and for me.  He showed us what love really meant.
That kind of action does not happen accidentally.  Rather, it happened because Jesus was in constant communication with God the Father.  In the midst of everything, He prayed.  He served.  He loved.  He gave himself up.  And these things changed history.
What about us?  It is certainly a hectic time of year.  But somehow it is all meaningless if we do not take time to reach out to others with the Redeeming love of our Savior, Jesus.  Will we?
I have asked everyone who reads this to make sure we invite at least one person to worship this year.  My prayer is that each of us would touch one untouchable person with the good news.  Will you invite them?  Who knows… your act of service, whatever it may be, just might change history.
In Christ,
Kevin Boyd, Pastor

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