Day 15

Day 15 (Thursday) October 28th

Our last morning in Cameroon.  Where has the time gone?

We began the day with our sister Magdalene, who was in worship at Saint Paul a few months ago.  How wonderful it was to see her again.  In Houston, she had told me that she was the daughter of a pastor.  So this morning, after breakfast, she asked if we would go with her to meet him.  Her dear father is now bedridden and she has a full-time job just taking care of him.  When he heard who we were, he became very happy and animated.  We prayed for God’s blessing on his home and on all he had accomplished during his long ministry, and on his health.  Finally, we bade a farewell to all there.

We then met the chairman, Mr. Fon, at the church.  At supper he had mentioned what a big problem they were having with the sound system at their church.    Ummm, how do I always find myself on the receiving end of this same situation?  Lucy’s nephew, Godlove , and I scanned the system.  We both came up with the same conclusion.  It was installed very badly.  The speakers should have been placed where they were as together as possible. Instead, they were all covering most of the church.  We suggested a plan that Godlove can follow up on with them and they were very grateful.

We had to check out of out hotel and Mr. Fon graciously allowed us to wait at his office, which was quite nice.  Mrs. Tanyi (this lady is amazing) came to meet us with a food basket for our evening wait.  After a trip to a nearby market for some last minute things, it came time for the airport, rather early because this was the only ride we could find.  We had a very long wait in one of the world’s most traveler-unfriendly airports.  Finally, it was time to go through security and we said goodbye to Lucy’s family, who accompanied us to the airport.

We then met up with the Moderator, The Rt. Rev. Festus, who was traveling on the same flight.  So we have a wonderful visit as we waited on the flight home.

On the tarmac, we lined up for takeoff.  We built speed and I settled in for the flight.  That is when the plane came to a very abrupt flight.  I remembered enough from my flight lessons to remember that this is not a good sign.  We sat there a while.  Then a voice came over the  speaker that everything should be fine but that they were returning to the terminal for a technical scan of the plane.  At long last, the pilot informed us that the plane was perfectly safe.   Right, I thought.  But we finally took off, over an hour late, and arrived in Paris the next morning.  Farewell, Cameroon.  You will never leave my heart.


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