Day 14

Day 14 (Wednesday) October 27th

Well, some difficult news today concerning Lucy’s visa.  She could not get one for Sweden.  So she changed her ticket and is going straight back to the USA.  So we will split up in Paris.

We had a chance to visit her sister’s home for lunch.  I found out that her nephew has a degree in audio engineering.  We had quite a conversation and found out that we shared a lot.  He was excited when I told him of my idea to produce a CD of the music in the churches and sell it in the USA to help fund our partnership efforts.

When we arrived at the church, the CWF was overflowing their fellowship hall.  What an amazing amount of energy these women produced!  We sang with them and then addressed them to encourage them.  What a joy it was to see Magdalene, who is in worship with us not long ago at Saint Paul.  It is such a small world.  Everywhere we go there seem to be connections.

After attending Bible Study, we finished the evening with a dinner back at the White House with the chairman, Mr. Fon and his beautiful wife, who is a doctor.  They told me of their efforts to form a course on relationships for couples.  For one last time we went to sleep in Cameroon.  I can’t believe that tomorrow night we will board a plane and leave.


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