Day 12

Day 12 (Monday) October 25th

At breakfast today the church at Limbe Beach presented us with a tremendous gift, two offering bowls of Bubinga wood.  Then we loaded up and drove about 2 hours to the town of Kumba.  The session met us as did two of the choirs.  I am so amazed at the singing I have heard here.  They, too, dressed us in African clothes and cheered when they saw us, singing praise and dancing.  These are a beautiful people.  After a tour we sat down to a big lunch where I met pastors from all around the area.  After lunch we made a call on the home of Paddy Ndole’s sister, who is quite well known, and is the local magistrate.

We then spent the afternoon at the theological seminary which trains all of the pastors from thee PCC.  I saw the work they were doing and am amazed that the still consider it a bachelor of divinity.  This is a very close community.  They live in close proximity, eat together, and are never idle.  They are so in need of resources, especially text books.  Even so, they have laid the foundation of a new building, which will eventually host offices and a new library.  It reminds me of how much we take for granted here in the USA.

We ended up the day back at the magistrate’s house, who was our hostess for the night.  Lucy was right at home helping care for her twins, a boy and a girl.  (Yes, Paddy, I took some pictures for you!)

Tomorrow we begin heading back towards Douala with one important stop.


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